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Okay, first of all, this is (probably) the first comment i've posted here. 

Second of all...


I love the sound effects, from the thunder and rain to the swishing of the sea. Also, I was completely enraptured by the background designs. I Wasn't even able to focus on the dialogue much during my first playthrough. Another thing, i found it really useful that the save/load function was in only one page. I wonder how you've coded that. It took a while to get used to it too. Also, did I mention, I love the little leaves in the choices? 'Twas Awesome.


I suppose  I should talk about the character's next? I love all of them equally (Graham is my favorite). His route felt the most natural, I suppose. The other two felt like the romance was a bit rushed compared to his, but that might jusr be bias, since he was my first route. I just love my little art man so much.  I felt like the romance between him and Juniper started spicy but ended fluffy. I like how he apologized and admitted he was wrong. Also, he has a mole on his chin, i cant get over that.

Overall, I felt like his route had the most happy ending. Cause it felt like his was the only one whose life had a happier turn when miss Juniper arrived. He became free to be who he was. Meanwhile, it felt like I tied a wandering spirit down when I finished Dr. Ash's route. Don't get me wrong, I love Briar. His eccentricities captivated me, and his character design was what prompted me to downloading this in the first place. I love his choice of words, and he's quite funny. And quite open. I did not expect him to be that...physically affectionate.

Also, I had correctly guessed what was happening to the secret ending. Aspen will always have a place in my heart. Anyways, it's kinda funny how most of the romantic CGs happened in nature (and very close to each other too)

Anyways, I enjoyed this. Have a good day.

p.s. do you have a pdf of that cookbook recipe? It looks absolutely enticing.


It was a very cute otome game and I love the cozy feeling of it. The characters were great and I loved Aspen so much (I'm so sad for him too :( ). Can't wait to see more from you in the future, thanks for the experience!


I wish it was longer, because I loved it so much and I would love to spend more time with such a lovable cast.

I liked that cozy cute atmosphere, the really cute and adorable love interests, the protagonist and of course the art. It was also really funny. 


such a cute game.. but i cried. a lot. i personally like briar's CG the best, but my heart lingers with aspen. wish we got to spend more time together :( even now typing this tears are stinging my eyes again!!!:(


5 minutes in and I'm already blushing... hehe 

i love ur pfp


Amazing. Absolutely incredible!


At last I got to play this game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it thus far! I've only played Briar's route at the time of writing this, but I shall be playing the rest soon!

The first thing that captivated me upon opening the game was the gorgeous GUI (actually, it may have been the rating splash screen because it was pretty funny, but besides that!) The color palette is pleasing and I love how cozy and cute it looks- cafe aesthetics are some of my favorites, you see! And the changing background on the main menu was gorgeous, I loved that!

Then, of course, I have to mention the delicious looking food through the game! Good job on that! And the café is so lovely, I'd love to go there myself.

The characters are all beautifully drawn and their personalities are really compelling. Of course, I went for Dr. Ash first, as I loved his design the most, and gosh is his personality charming! He's such an eloquent goofball, and absolutely precious! Those little moments where he got a bit bolder with his flirtations were quite fun too.

I look forward to playing the other routes soon!


I rarely comment but I adored it 😭

Graham my love


There is a lot of care, love and earnest enthusiasm in Pearlglow Cafe, all captured by the very endearing protagonist Juniper. I would genuinely want to move in next door to her, all the options available in the cookbook seem incredible (and ngl I'm a bit sore no one came in to try those seaweed cookies! I was most excited about those, the Pearlglow community missed out😂)

The CGs I've unlocked so far are gorgeous, and the love interests are, well, perfectly lovely. Dr. Briar got my heart beating more than once with that lopsided smile, and Graham is so unfortunately charming - he really needs to turn it down a notch, hoo wee. Maybe we'll get a DLC to stuff him into a bigger (properly buttoned) shirt someday.

I have no doubt that The Mysterious Figure will be an equal delight.

Lovely, lovely, cozy game, highly recommended.


i might genuinely be stupid i cannot for the life of me get any other ending than being happily single lmaooo?? i might be too aro/ace and the game knows... /lh /j
either way, its so cute!!! i'm still playing it lol, will return with a better comment when i manage to get my brain to work right lmfao <3

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oh my god i AM stupid. never pull an all-nighter and try to play a vn apparently. who knew reading was required??? crazy /j


graham's horse's name is so real tbh, thats how i name all my animals and i'm 20 lmao.

and briar's expressions............. got me acting silly out here...... got me acting a little unwise..... a lil silly goofy... kicking my feet and giggling


You aren't stupid - the boys are the real problems here. They are far too troublesome sometimes, I swear. 

Thank you for sharing your commentary, it made me smile! <3


So cute, thanks so much!!! <3


this makes me feel so cozy and warm each time I play it! 


Is a walkthrough needed to get good endings or is the game easy enough to not really need one?


Easy enough, though I was surprised to not get anyone the first time I played through. xD


is this gender neutral?


Nope, you're Juniper.


So sweet, so wholesome... I felt my heart melt while playing this game. I adored every routes, and I had such a fun times figuring out the different dialogues unlocked by the recipes (such a clever gameplay!). A soft spot for Briar, an absolute sweetheart. This game is full of love, with so many details and original elements. I loved it. Thank you :)


This game is so cozy and sweet. "???"s route hit me like punch TwT. Overall, the game is really good~


i love game


this is the sweetest game and I am OBSESSED! I have played it a gajillion times already and I DO NOT plan on stopping anytime soon, at least not until it's partially memorized haha! the graphics, the characters, the cafe,  and the charm?! I AM IN LOVE :D I wish there was a discord or something so i could rave and rant about this game with others because it is AMAZING!!! I can't even pick a favorite character, they are all so wholesome, even juniper!! AHHHH I LOVE THIS <333333


THIS. this. was the most coziest and cute game I've played in a long time. The interactions with each character, the dialogue, and the way the little pastries are described are all so nice.  

It's actually been a little dream of mine to one day open up a cafe or bakery by the countryside, and when Juniper first entered her's, I was surprised because the interior and the colors used for the rooms were so incredibly pleasing to look at (especially the tree in the room!!) 

I love love the wholesome little 'life lessons'  or little journal pages Juniper reflects on at the end of each day too. 

And I was not expecting to fall in love with Briar's character, I teared up a bit at the ending :') 

I cannot wait to experience more of you're games! I will be keeping my eye out for more haha


just finished it! it's super cute, wholesome, you won't regret playing it! i had lots of fun with the different dialogue options and endings, thank you for the hard work dev team!!

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Oh my goodness, what an amazing game!! I finished everything and now I'm dying for more time with these lovely characters! I filled out the survey and I hope this game and devs get all the love and recognition they deserve 💖 


Brb while I cry a river over Aspen.


Hi! Could you please mark the downloads with the OS they're compatible with? (the checkmarks next to "Executable" on the "edit project" page) Not having the boxes checked means it's impossible to download the game via the itch app & people won't be able to find it if they're filtering by OS.


Fixed - thanks! :) 


Thank you!

Although just so you know, you have "" marked as an Android file instead of a Mac executable :)


Ahaha, alright, now  it's (hopefully) fixed! Thanks again. :)


just finished unlocking all the routes and completing the cgs !! this certainly was as cozy as the title implied but wow that ending with our lovely mysterious figure certainly left me feeling whiplash SFJFJG i was not expecting to cry especially after those past 3 extremely fluffy routes !! it was wonderful i enjoyed that dose of bittersweetness very much :'D 

that aside, everything about this is super lovely !! seriously the best !! the art and the music made everything so immersive i didn't realise i spent 4 hours on it already JDFHJFJ all of the characters are immensely loveable and i love them all !! (but briar has definitely charmed me the most hehe) i absolutely love the interactions and dynamics between all of the characters, and juniper on her own has managed to steal my heart !! (i wouldn't mind romancing her too HAHAJHSD) each of them have such distinct, captivating personalities and playing through this was so much fun i didn't even feel time go by !! 

thank you so much for your hard work on this, your love really shows and this game was absolutely delightful !! the ending where juniper stays single as well yet it isn't made out to be a bad ending but rather a fulfilling one made me incredibly happy yes you go girl achieve your dreams !! romance isn't a necessity !! again thank you so much for this amazing game !!! i love it very much !!!! 

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet and heartwarming review. <3 


Aspen my poor Aspen. The ending was tragic. Romantic yes but I wasn't expecting to feel so sad. I would have love to read something as happy as in the 3 other endings. His ending is my only negative point about this game.

Special love to the recipes and their effects. It was a great idea. 


As I played through I kept catching myself grinning ear to ear- what an utterly lovely game. Every route was so warm, the art is so pleasing at every turn, and the writing made me feel for every character and root for their growth and success. Juniper is wholly included in that; I loved her from her dialogue to appearance to backstory (the multi-generational cookbook added depth and motivation that served her and the story so well. Kudos!) If Juniper was an LI, I would happily romance her as well!

If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would be [spoilers! spoilers!] Graham showing MC his sketch- it utterly stole my heart, and still does (I'm still staring at it a day later). Graham's whole character was so, so good- his motivations for staying on the farm, his struggle being about exploring his other interests/skills in tandem with his current life rather than a black and white "needs or dreams" felt so real, and formed a character that I can't help but love. I'd like to think that Juniper features his art in the cafe someday. 💙

I have to give props to Briar's route as well- he was such a sweet eccentric, and I feel like he brought out a more adventurous side to Juniper that was so fun to see. His design is so damn cute(!!), I fully blushed at the kiss scene, and the picnic CG is just perfect- my favorite of the three! I bet him and Juniper would enjoy lots of day trips hiking and finding new ingredients for the cafe :D

I won't spoil too much of the mysterious figure's deal here, but I give him all my love. I really like the choice to add something bittersweet but still fulfilling to the game, and the letter at the end stuck with me. :'>

...and now I'm sitting here embarrassed as I realize I typed an entire essay. Ya got me! Thank you for reading all of this, and for the game. Whether you choose to add more content or just that little bit of extra polish/bugfixing, I'm here for it!!


Oh my gosh, if you couldn't stop smiling while playing, I couldn't stop smiling while reading this! Thank you so much for such a lovely, kind, and thoughtful review! <3


Played through all the routes and it's a truly touching and wholesome story and each character has something charming too all of them! I truly enjoy Juniper as an MC and how she interacts with everyone and that she get's an ending where she's happily single and independent!

Plus I'm a sucker for food related stories and happy endings. Though one route definitely left me feeling bittersweet, but that's life.


Thank you for such a lovely review~! <3 


Love everything about this game art, music  and environment! Graham my loveeee! 

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Thank you!! <3 

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The game is very fun and interesting! Love the art, the music and the writing! I did however notice a few bugs!

On day 2 I picked the creme brule. But when giving the gift to Graham, Juniper said they were brownies instead!

On day 3, when going to the market, this happened!

On day 4, when checking the recipes for either Garden Focaccia or Seaweed Cookies, this happens:

Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a thorough bug report!! We are addressing these and a few other issues we have since found, and we hope to have an updated version available soon. <3 

These issues should now be fixed with the latest 1.1.1 build~ Thank you again for your diligence! <3 


They're so charming! I didn't stare at graham's muscles.


If you did, I would completely understand. They're impossible to look away from. ;)  


I just spent the last four hours playing this game and I do not regret even a single minute. This game is the most charming and wholesome game I have played in ages and I am honestly not sure where to begin raving about it because I have so much to say.

First, the art and sound design of this game is absolutely superb. The sprites are incredibly charming and their beauty is enhanced by the lovely backgrounds, GUI, item art, and charming music. The food looks absolutely edible and so do the men! This game is such a beautiful dream to play - and I wish I could visit Pearlglow Cafe myself for the absolutely delectable treats!

Second, these characters are some of the most charming that I have EVER played. Jupiter is such a sweet, smart, sassy, and hilarious lead - she has so many one-liners that left me laughing and a truly amazing soul as well. I just loved her to bits and pieces and wanted her to be so happy!

And the love interests are absolutely fantastic! I am just completely and utterly in love with Briar, the adorable, scatter-brained, neuro-diverse, sweet, hilarious, and plant-loving doctor of my dreams. He is so unique, funny, charming, kind, creative, and had an utterly lovely character arc. I just love him to bits and pieces so while all the love interests charmed me, I just adore him to bits and pieces. No lie, he's already one of my FAVORITE otome love interests of all time! 

This game is like relaxing into a warm, cozy, and incredibly hilarious dream. If you want to spend a few hours falling in love with both a person and a place that feels like a cozy slice of heaven, this is the game for you. It's absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see more from this developer!

This means so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 <3 <3